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Dr. Semegon uses many techniques which are gentle, yet extremely effective, including the Palmer Method, Full Spine Technique, Activator, Table Drop Work, Side Posture Technique, Gonstead, and many others.

We also have a SPANISH-speaking staff member for your convenience, if needed.
Chiropractic adjustments are used to correct spinal misalignments that interfere with the nerves and therefore interfere with the body's ability to heal itself. Chiropractors are spinal and nerve experts. They inspect the spine for what is called "Vertebral Subluxations," which are misalignments of the spinal column.

They can put direct pressure on the very nerves that control the health of your body and cause wear and compression on the disc. These mal-positioned spinal vertebrae cut off the impulses the brain uses to send vital messages that ultimately keep your body functioning and healthy.

If left untreated, poor health and symptoms can follow. The fact is, some symptoms don't show up for many years after a subluxation occurs. But the nerves will continue to malfunction, the discs will degenerate, and disease will eventually set in. Get your spine check today to ensure your body is working at its highest function possible. A chiropractic adjustment can correct misaligned bones.
Chiropractors have great success with sports injuries. Most problems, whether in the neck or back, in the joints such as the knees and elbows, stem from underlying spinal problems.
Spinal Subluxations (pinched nerves) cause the nerves that control the muscles and joints to malfunction. As a result, associated areas can be injured easily. 
Neuromuscular Massage

Massage is also offered at this office that helps to support injuries and increase blood flow to the involved area. Massage helps the chiropractic care to be more efficient. Becky and Heather are here at the office 3 full days a week to take appointments. 


Before chiropractic care begins, X-rays will be taken here at Semegon Chiropractic Health Center to help better understand what is causing the health problem.

Wellness Care
Dr. Semegon is dedicated to keeping you and your family well by keeping your spine in alignment to allow your nervous system to function at its full potential, keeping your body healthy.

Two Major Steps

  1. Initial Intensive Care Program: This is the start of your program to correct the cause of your problem, stopping spinal degeneration, and removing symptomatology.
  2. Wellness Care: This step is designed to continue the process of correcting your spinal problem and ultimately fixing it. Wellness Care is an important part of actually resolving your overall problem.

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